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The Kors Concierge installation at Macy's Herald Square includes massive panes of stunning floor-to-ceiling LED panels, a customized application experience on a pair of 32'' touch screens, and a unique microsite at korsconcierge.com.

No. 01

Digital Tools, Physical Retail

In a brief period of discovery, we visited Michael Kors retail locations, interviewing customers and employees alike to uncover the brand’s values. The result was a cohesive plan for each of MK’s targeted technologies, bringing them together into an immersive digital retail experience

No. 02

Experience Planning

LED panes would draw the shopper toward the store, where 32” touchscreens would invite them to explore products, and a mobile-optomized microsite would engage beyond the confines of the physical store.

No. 03

All of the lights

For Macy’s grand re-opening, we first installed massive floor-to-ceiling LED panels. Flooding the Macy’s floor with stunning campaign imagery, these panels helped the MK shop quadruple targeted earnings in their first few months on display.

No. 04

Please Touch

Housed in a sleek metallic mirror, a 32” touchscreen allowed shoppers to browse MK’s entire lineup of handbags available at the Macy’s Herald Square location. Shoppers could view these bags individually, rotating them a full 360º degrees with a swipe of their finger and swapping out colors with a simple tap to the circular swatch below.

Click & Drag To Spin
No. 05

Style Tips

The Kors Concierge application also serves styling tips for a select set of featured bags, relating outfits and smaller leather goods to each. Shoppers can swipe a look to spin the model wearing it, or tap on her back to uncover a hidden gem inside.

No. 06

Measure Twice, Cut Once

After 45 days, we measured Kors Concierge’s performance; tracking user’s preferences through popular products, looks, and interactive behaviors. When we uncovered that shoppers spent the most amount of time browsing editorial looks, we focused the content for the Spring edition around stylish looks for day and night, allowing users to swap between them with a single tap.

No. 07

On the Go

The Kors Concierge destination site allowed shoppers to save their wish list from their in-store experience, to access it later online through the mobile-response web site. A truly online/offline shopping experience.


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